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Don't Worry.... It's Still The Same Great Product Just A New Look....Thanks For Your Patience While We Update Our Website

We Only offer a Select Amout Of Proven Products.... We Are Here To Help You.... Not Get Rich Quick.... We Only Offer Products That Have Been Proven To Be Effective!!!!

Starting On 10/1/2017 We will be posting a free Bi-Weekly Recipe That you can make at home Free Recipe

Sorry For Any Inconvenience But We Are No Longer Able To Offer International Orders DUE TO EXTREMELY HIGH SHIPPING COSTS!!!

These recipes are very dear to us. They have been handed down so others may have the benefits that our families did. {note most of the salves did not have names -we added those}  

We have additional salves, creams, and ointments that are not listed in this catalog.  If you have an old family recipe and you would like to see it made into a product for your use , please contact us. We are always looking for interesting ideas.


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Black Salve
$10.45 - $16.45
Chickweed Healing Salve-chickweed healing salve, Amish recipe, comfrey, mint, and essential oils of rosemary, lavender,  eucalyptus, olive oiltumors and boils, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, rashes, cuts, burns, poison ivy, diaper rash
Chickweed Healing Salve
LumberJack Salve
Drawing Salve
$8.00 - $13.50
I and O Cream
E-Z Move Joint and Muscle Relief-E-Z MOVE JOINT & MUSCLE RELIEF
Arnica, Calendula, Cayenne, Emu oil, Peppermint oil, Wintergreen oil, St. John's wort, Ginger root, Sweet Orange oil
E-Z Move Joint and Muscle Relief

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