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HemorRx-hemmoroid pain anal burning itching Calendula, Myrrh, White Willow Bark Witch Hazel Olive Oil Unbleached Beeswax

Hemmoroid/Anal Itch Relief - 2 oz tube

Hemorrhoids are enlarged raised veins in the anus or rectum. Common hemorrhoids are often linked to both diarrhea and constipation.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? Symptoms of hemorrhoids may include painful swelling or a lump in the anus that can bleed and become inflamed, often causing discomfort and itching. There may also be bright red blood on the toilet paper, the stool, or in the toilet bowl.

Dietary changes that may be helpful: Populations in which fiber intake is high have a very low incidence of hemorrhoids. Insoluble fiber?the kind found primarily in whole grains and vegetables?increases the bulk of stool. Drinking water with a high-fiber meal or a fiber supplement results in softer, bulkier stools, which can move more easily. As a result, most doctors believe that fiber in combination with increased intake of liquids helps to treat people with hemorrhoids

Herbs that may be helpful Constipation is believed to worsen hemorrhoid symptoms, and thus, bulk-forming fibers are often recommended for those with hemorrhoids. A double-blind trial reported that 7 grams of psyllium, an herb high in fiber, taken three times daily reduced the pain and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids. Some healthcare professionals recommend taking two tablespoons of psyllium seeds or 1 teaspoon of psyllium husks two or three times per day mixed with water or juice. It is important to maintain adequate fluid intake while using psyllium.

Topically applied astringent herbs have been used traditionally as a treatment for hemorrhoids. A leading astringent herb for topical use is witch hazel, which is typically applied to hemorrhoids three or four times per day in an ointment base.

HemorRx can now make a major change in your life. Applied topically, it will stop most pain, anal burning and itching within minutes of application.

It contains a blend of Calendula, Myrrh, White Willow Bark and Witch Hazel suspended in a base of Olive Oil and Unbleached Beeswax.


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