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OTH Colloidal Silver SKIN KARE
OTH Colloidal Silver  SKIN  KARE

OTH Colloidal Silver SKIN KARE - This is an all natural healing cream for Eczema, Psoriasis, Burns and Dry Skin. It is a combination of four(4) herbs that are noted for their external healing capabilities and colloidal silver, an antibiotic that was used faithfully until 1934 when penicillin became the ?new? antibiotic of choice.

For best results, multiple daily applications should be applied. Although this is an ALL natural formula, it is recommended that a test patch be applied to the inside of the elbow for about 24 hours prior to regular use. If a rash or irritation should appear, discontinue use and return to the manufacturer for a full refund.


Dear Ray,

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I started using the Colloidal Silver Skin Kare cream on my face almost a week now, and I am simply amazed at how wonderful it makes my skin look. My mother even asked me if I was using something different on my face, because my skin looks so clear and smooth.

?I am especially pleased with the all natural and healthy ingredients in this product. That is my number one concern when it comes to anything I put on my body and into it.

Thank you again. Have a great day! Eva LaRoche

  • COLLOIDAL SILVER (45ppm)? a known antibiotic. It has been found that one celled bacteria can not survive when introduced to this product. Has been used internally and externally to combat many different medicinal problems
  • CALENDULA?useful in reducing inflammation, wound healing and as a antiseptic. Has been used to treat various skin disorders, ranging from ulcerations to eczema. Also excellent for sores and boil
  • CALENDULA?used by the American Indians as a treatment for irritations and inflammation. Commonly used topically for skin infections.
  • ECHINACEA?has been found to be effective for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as abscesses, foliculitis, wounds of all kinds, eczema, burns and varicose ulcers.
  • ALOE VERA?when applied externally, aloe vera restores skin tissues and may aid in the healing of burns and sores. It can also be used on blemishes. Aloe Vera softens the skin.


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