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Chickweed Healing Salve
Chickweed Healing Salve

Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe

2 oz. jar


The ingredients in Chickweed Healing Salve have been selected for their skin care benefits.

Chickweed along with comfrey, mint, and essential oils of rosemary, lavender,  eucalyptus and olive oil??. we have duplicated a formula that has long been used in the Amish community for years to treat a variety of skin disorders, such as boils, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, rashes, cuts, burns, poison ivy, diaper rash, etc

Chickweed may be used externally for inflamed surfaces, skin diseases, boils, scalds, burns, inflamed or sore eyes, erysipelas, tumors, piles,  swollen testes, ulcerated throat and mouth, and all kinds of wounds.

Comfrey may be used externally to speed wound-healing and guard against scar tissue developing incorrectly. Care should be taken with very deep wounds, however, as the external application of Comfrey can lead to tissue forming over the wound before it is healed deeper down, possibly leading to abscesses.

It may be used for any external ulcers, for wounds and fractures as a compress or poultice. It is excellent in chronic varicose ulcers.

Mint can also be used for measles and rashes. Like peppermint, it is very good for stomach bloating and lifting the spirits. Finally, it can be used for mouth sores, toothache, allergic rashes, hives, and the early stages of measles

Externally Rosemary may be used to ease muscular pain, sciatica and neuralgia. Acts as a stimulant to both the hair follicles and circulation in the scalp and thus may be helpful in premature baldness. The oil is most effective in this case.

Both the leaves and the oil of Eucalyptus are excitants and deodorizers, and, as such, have been successfully employed as local applications in bronchial affections with fetid expectoration, in ozena , in fetid or profuse mucous discharges, in vaginal leucorrhoea, offensive lochial discharges, gonorrhoeal discharges, indolent, fetid wounds or ulcerations, in septicemia, and in gangrene

Externally, Lavender oil may be used as a stimulating liniment to help ease the aches and pains.

Available in: 2 oz. jar



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