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Dear Olde Timers Herbals,

     I would like to thank you for having a wonderful web site plus all the help that you have given to us, Joe Greene and Linda Pennington. 
     Joe works for an "inside" landscaping company near where we live. He really enjoys his job, but misfortune struck and he became infected with a fungus infection, which we believe to have been helped along with a pesticide that was ill-mixed in with the dirt. To date he has been to 4 different doctors, the last one being a dermatologists with no noticeable improvement. He has had a really rough and long battle. All the doctors that he went to gave him steroids in pill form and lotion. As long as he was taking the steroids things looked like they were getting better but as soon as the steroids were over with it came back with a vengeance. Along with all these steroids he took several antibiotic pills and used antibiotic soaps and lotions.
     Nothing worked until we found your site. I must admit that I did a lot of investigating fungal infections and the remedies plus cures on the internet. I also asked some people questions. My investigation brought me to the Chickweed salve and to your web site. I purchased a couple of your products including the salve. You would not (or maybe you would) believe the improvement of his legs! Just in the last 2 weeks using the Chickweed salve it has really cleared up. The swelling has gone down, which was a real problem. He actually has new skin shining through.
    I have been singing your praises. I have also been giving your web address out to many people.
    Again thank you so much!!
Linda Pennington
Joe Greene.

Hi there Ray,  I wanted to let you know that the XeroAche did help with my pain.  I noticed after just a few days of using the kreem.  Even though I still have pain, the pain had reduced drastically.   A comment to your readers, I have advanced r.arthritis, I really could tell a difference when I didn't use XeroAche for over a week.  Thank you for your help and information on the product.   Sincerely Tim Brashers


Dear Ray,

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I started using the Colloidal Silver Skin Kare cream on my face almost a week now, and I am simply amazed at how wonderful it makes my skin look. My mother even asked me if I was using something different on my face, because my skin looks so clear and smooth.

 I am especially pleased with the all natural and healthy ingredients in this product. That is my number one concern when it comes to anything I put on my body and into it.

Thank you again. Have a great day!

Eva LaRoche