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XeroAche 3 oz. ROLL-ON
XeroAche 3 oz. ROLL-ON


We want you to know that this product is not a cure nor do we claim it to be one.  XeroAche is designed to be a pain relief formula. It has been used successfully in relieving pain from Arthritis, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Sore Tendons and Muscles, Sciatica; even Carpal Tunnel and many other aches and pains. Office workers who are working with computers and telephones on a daily basis have reported to us that  it has eliminated office neck in most cases.

Hi there Ray, I wanted to let you know that XeroAche did help with my pain. I noticed after just a few days of using the kreem. Even though I still have pain, the pain had reduced drastically. A comment to your readers, I have advanced r.arthritis, I really could tell a difference when I didn't use XeroAche for over a week. Thank you for your help and information on the product. Sincerely Tim Brashers

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Application is very simple. Use a small amount and spread a light film over the affected area and gently rub it into the skin. XeroAche will disappear in a matter of seconds. It does not evaporate!! When it has disappeared; it is an indication that the formula has started to penetrate to the area of pain. You will feel no oily residue after it has traveled to the problem area.

WHY DOES IT WORK? The theory behind the success of XeroAche is a very simple one. Scientists believe that something in our bodies called SUBSTANCE-P is the carrier of pain signals to the brain telling us that ?IT HURTS!!? At OLDE TIMERS? we have worked on creating a formula that attacks SUBSTANCE-P and if indeed it can be controlled that signals of pain can not be sent to the brain-then our brain can not tell us that it has sensed ?pain?; thus we may become pain-free.

WHAT IS IN IT? XeroAche is a perfectly matched ratio of healing herbs and oils that, when combined, enhance each other. INGREDIENTS: MSM Powder,  CBD OIL Capiscum, White Willow Bark, Plantain, Wintergreen Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil, Camphor, Black Pepper

WILL IT HELP ME? XeroAcheis 100% money back guaranteed ! If it is used according to directions and if you do not get substantial pain relief or are unsatisfied for any reason- return the unused portion for a complete refund.

3 oz roll on


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